Business Services

Business Formation and Modification

Eglen Law provides acute business formation consultations to help clients select the proper business entity structure, as well as assist in researching and determining tax and legal liabilities for your business. Our goal at Eglen Law is to preserve the stability and profitability of your business, big or small.


Eglen Law is committed to offering businesses, big or small, access to the highest quality of commercial / business law representation available. Eglen Law strives to provide its clients with transparent language, a strategized game plan, and an uncompromising support system.


Eglen Law seeks to provides its customers with thoroughly conducted expert consultations for those looking to organize a contract or questioning its stature. Eglen Law prides itself in providing its clients with prompt, result-driven services that crafted to meet clients needs and exceed their expectations.


Drones, robots, and new technology are areas of personal and professional interest for Jeremy Eglen. Mr. Eglen’s undergraduate degree is in Computer Science, and he teaches classes on Robot Programming and Computer Ethics as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Butler University. Eglen Law maintains a deep and thorough understanding of technology at a level most law firms of any size cannot match. We want to provide you with effective counsel on the unique challenges faced at the cutting edge of technology.

Intellectual Property

(including Copyright, Trademark and Trade Secret)
Intellectual Property consists of entities that are a product of one’s mental thought process such music, literature, inventions, and other works. Eglen Law is committed to providing thorough, efficient, and broadly-strategized answers for clients whose intellectual rights have been breached. Our services also include various IP – related chapters including copyright, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Personal Services

Estate Administration and Planning

(including Wills and Trusts)
Eglen Law offers estate planning, probate, will and trust administration services at a sensible price. Given that estate administration matters often require family involvement, Eglen Law strives to provide its clients with a carefully designed plan that both respects their personal choices and accommodates their legal requirements.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation includes civil matters that have to be resolved in a court of law. Civil matters can range from issues such as personal disputes and defamation, to breaches of contract or employment agreements. Eglen Law provides expert knowledge needed to understand terms that accompany these areas, as well as the rigorous work ethic to thoroughly and efficiently complete your case.

Real Estate

Eglen Law assists clients with matters involving their real estate, from ensuring properties are zoned correctly or have the right permissions for their owner’s activities, to sales contracts and deeds, to issues involving landlord and tenant relations. If you or your business has a question or concern about its real property assets, Eglen Law is here to help.

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